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Caution SUP Boards

Our Price: $1,115.00


All SUP BOARDS need to be picked up at our PROSHOP. Otherwise we will charge shipping cost from 93449 to you.

Boards are available in both EPS and EPX construction. EPX allows for a slightly lower overall weight for an increase in price.

10' x 34" STAND UP BOARD

The 10' is the ultimate board for entry level stand-up paddling! Its super wide deck at 34" makes it super stable and tons of fun. The 10' also makes catching your first wave incredibly easy with aircraft carrier like stability and solid length for speed and glide. Shaped with concave tip transitioning to a slight V shape in the bottom makes this board fun to surf and easy to paddle. This board works great for the larger paddlers out there, giving them the volume and stability needed to have fun in flatwater and in the waves.

10' 6" x 31 STAND UP BOARD With extra length and 31" in width the 10'6" is one of the fastest paddling boards in the Caution lineup. Designed for entry level paddlers and bigger riders, it excels in medium to small size waves and is great board to take a cruise on a flat day. It's length allows for easy and early paddling into waves while its width gives the board ample stability for those just getting into paddle boarding. The 10'6" is ideal for flat water cruising, and with it's thruster fin setup the 10'6" tracks well and makes nose riding effortless and fun.

9' 8" x 31" STAND UP BOARD

The 9'8" makes the transition into a performance longboard for bigger riders or a great starter board for smaller first time stand-up paddlers. The shorter length makes the board more maneuverable and the healthy 31" width gives the board some extra stability. The five fin setup allows riders to play around with the fin choice, dialing the board for more shortboard like performance or for longboard nose riding. The 9'8" does well in distance paddling and is a fun all around board.

9' 6" x 30 1/2" STAND UP BOARD

The 9'6" at 30" is a great performance board for the average size rider. The 30" width makes the board more stable in less than perfect conditions and helps the first time rider with confidence and control. This board is super fun in medium surf with really great nose rides, quick and predictable carves and tail snaps. One of the greatest features of the 9'6" boards is they have the perfect volume for tail pivots moves. In late turn-around situations, riders can sink the tail and pivot the board on a dime, and the 9'6 does this very easily with control and balance.

9'2" x 31" STAND UP BOARD

The 9'2" x 31" is a great board for smaller paddlers and those in the medium range that are looking for a balance between performance and stability. This board is easy to carry with its shorter length and weight, yet offers more stability than the 9'6" or the 9'8" boards. The 9'2" is super fun in the waves, nose rides well and turns really well.