XtremeBigAir Kiteboarding Lessons

KiteBoarding Lessons

XtremeBigAir's Kiteboarding Instructors:

James Ropner is our latest instructor: a worldwide famous strapless wave Ripper

Kinsley ThomasWong had participated in the development of an international safe teaching system IKO- International Kiteboarding Organization which is being taught around the world since 1997. The emphasis is on safety and technical information. XtremeBigAir has been teaching KiteBoarding since 1999. As of today, we have taught hundreds of kiteboarding students worldwide!

Since 1999, XtremeBigAir was the first IKO Certified Kiteboarding school in the USA. We offer our Kiteboarding Beginner Course as well as Advanced Kiteboarding Course at Pismo Beach where the beach is often uncrowded with 8 miles long full of soft sand, no rocks, no corals.

  • Kinsley ThomasWong is a certified IKO Advanced Kiteboarding Instructor, an USHGA Advanced Tandem Instructor Paragliding, a PADI Dive Master, and hold many more of other rating...

We highly recommend that you purchase a Trainer kite and Beginner Kiteboarding DVD package. Watch the DVD then go fly the trainer kite for a few weeks before you take the Kiteboarding Beginner Course below.
Pictures of Instructor: Kinsley ThomasWong kiteboarding

Kiteboarding Beginner Course

(One day - 5 hours : $375 per person : 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
March, April, May, June : daily and Anytime the wind blows

A discount of $125 will be applied toward your new equipment package: Kite/Board after you have taken this Kiteboarding Beginner course.

All of our kiteboarding lessons are One-on-One instructor to student:

(The most popular single day lesson, usually from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m). This lesson is a perfect way to start your new sport Kiteboarding! You will learn all the kiteboarding basics: Wind Windows Theory: Neutral Zone, Power Zone, etc. and essential safety techniques with hands on flying, (all equipment included-You will need to bring your own wetsuit): One-On-One lessons with our instructors. By the end of this class, you will be able to fly, launch, relaunch, land the kite safely by yourself. You will be able to waterstart and start riding and have fun!

99% of our students had successfully done waterstart and ride downwind by the end of the day. Some students even had even gone upwind after 3 hours of lessons with us. We start you with real 4 line inflatable kiteboarding kites, the same type of kites which you will be using after your lessons. We also teach you how to use 5th line safety as well as the new BOW/FLAT Kites with bridelines: all the latest and greatest equipment on the market.

Beginner Course Outline:
Setting-up - Piloting - Safety - Managing of the practice area - Spot analysis

Level A:

  • Equipment carrying & setup (inflate bladders, untangle bridles, and connect leading and flying lines).
  • Determine wind direction.
  • Know how the safety systems work (let go of the bar for 2 lines). The kiteboarder knows that the kite leash must always be connected before launching and until after landing.
  • Piloting at the top of the window with short &long lines underpowered.
  • Piloting a kite from right to left on the edge of the window.
  • Incident simulation 1.
  • Using of the safety systems (dropping bar).
  • Rigging four-line SLE Bridle/BOW/FLAT kite.
  • Piloting unhooked

Level B:

  • Launching & landing at the edge of the window with an assistant.
  • Piloting in the power zone under powered
  • Untwisting the lines by twirling the control bar without releasing it (the kiteboarder turns upon himself, bar in his hands above his head)

Level C:

  • Independent in conducting a thorough pre- flight check
  • Know the wind window key words (top, edge or neutral zone, clock wise 9, 12, 3 o'clock, power area)

Level D:

  • Landing the kite alone and walking to the kite
  • Body dragging without a harness
  • Piloting in the power zone
  • Untwisting lines by rotating the body in the water.
  • Piloting with a harness.

Level E:

  • Use of quick release on harness line or across the leader lines to stop the kite power in case of emergency
  • Piloting with one hand
  • On-shore self launch
  • Relaunching the kite from the water
  • Winding the lines in the water, and come back to the shore using the kite to be dragged
  • Awareness of the wind effects and their dangers (cliffs, mountains, hills, dikes, trees…).
  • Managing to reduce the power using the power loop.
  • Kiteboarder knows how the power loop release system works and when to use i

Level F:

  • Incident simulation 2. Using the quick release (piloting while body is faced backwards.
  • Incident simulation Using of the power loop release system.

Level G:

  • Body dragging using body positioning and piloting of the kite to move in wanted direction (once to the left, then to the right)
  • Awareness of positioning in space (starting point, arrival point)
  • Piloting one hand while body dragging & piloting in waiting position legs down to the wind.
  • 4 line kite big size relaunch (Pulling on front line then back and front on one side).

Level H:

  • Board recovering and positioning of the feet into foot straps
  • Generating steady pull in starting position on the board.

Level I:

  • Water start
  • Get up and First ride.

Instructor: Kinsley ThomasWong rides anything - anywhere

Kiteboarding Advanced Course

Riding powered - Going Up-wind -Switch of Direction - First Jump

($85 Per Hour)
Season: Anytime the wind blows
Our instructors will give you on the fly advice to correct your mistakes through the use of waterproof 2 ways radios. You will master the moves in a very short amount of time!

Anything you want to learn: we will help you to personally tune up your gear or learn to flying a bow/flat kite, 5th line kite, 4 line kites, to ripping upwind, or: 360,720 Grabs, jibing, table top, forward loop/roll, backloop/roll, grabs, spins, waves riding on surfboard with no straps, xtreme bigairs jumps, widows makers, board off, handle pass, etc... anything you name it and we will teach you how. Do you still want to take lessons with other schools where there instructors can barely ride downwind???

We will go over specific step-by-step on each move, then we go out to the water and demonstrate. Then it is your turns to try the move.

Level J:

  • Priority rule 1: Two riders going in front of each other, the rider starboard has the priority he pilots his kite up. Port rider (kite on his left side) goes down to the other rider and drops his kite.
  • Priority rule 2: Incoming kiter gives way to outgoing kiter
  • Flying the kite to generate steady pull once standing on the board.
  • Navigation with power.

Level K:

  • Change of direction up and down to the wind (edging up and down).
  • Holding an edge with the board.
  • Choosing the right kite size.
  • Methods of flying to de-power the kite (theoretical course about edge control).
  • Speed control, sheeting in or out
  • Power trim adjustment.

Level L:

  • Up wind riding (edging up while moving the kite down to slow down, edging down and moving kite up to increase the speed)
  • Knowledge about where to focus to keep the right course…
  • Up wind body dragging to recover board without leash

Level M:

  • Riding a twin-tip or a wake board
  • Switch of direction or Jibe with a directional board

Level N:

  • First jump (piloting the kite from one side to 12 o'clock).

Directions and find out how far you are from Pismo Beach where we offer our kiteboarding classes

We are locating in Shell Beach/Pismo Beach which is 10 miles south of San Luis Obispo or 100 Miles North of Santa Barbara or half way between Los Angeles(LAX) and San Francisco(SFO).  You can fly into the local small airport in San Luis Obispo(SBP) from either LAX or SFO.  If you have your own helicopter or small airplane, you can fly into Oceano Airport and we will pick you up.

Local accommodations, rv parks, and campgrounds can be found at: http://www.classiccalifornia.com/lodging.htm

There are many things that you can do here: surfing, paragliding, kayaking, mt. biking, scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, deepsea fishing, wine tasting, atv,  etc...  Shell Beach/Pismo Beach is really a wonderful place to spend your vacation.

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