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Pismo Beach - Central Coast California

Kiteboarding Riding Spots in Pismo Beach Area

Pismo Beach Pier and Oceano Beach

  • The best place to kite, launch and land in Pismo Beach is the beach, Marked KITEXPO on the map below, in front of Park Ave Parking lot - across from Sea Venture hotel. This is home of XtremeBigAir's Annual KiteXPO. You will need a full 3mm wetsuit to kite here. During May through October, you can wear Spring suit. We get wind 15-25 kts, 5 days out of 7 days during March through June. The rest of the year, we get wind but not as consistant. Our normal wind is NW. When the forecast is NW 15-25kts and the air temp is lower than 70F, it is a very good chance, you will score great kiting days at Pismo Beach.
  • Click Here: For more information on latest Marine Forecast and Live Web cams in our area.
  • All kiteboarders are to maintain 200 Feet or more of safe distance from the pier when approaching.
  • Keep a safe distance from Horseback Riders. You are required to keep the kite as far away as possible from the horses for the Horseback riders safety!. If the Horseback rider approaching you, hold the kite still in the air until the horses passed
  • During summer months when lifeguard towers are active, no kiteboarder shall traverse up wind of the furthest most lifeguard tower unless at least ? the distance out off shore, the length of the pier
  • All hands-on teaching with a student is prohibited adjacent to the pier, or within the 300 Feet of any active lifeguard tower.
  • Beginners are prohibited to kite within the 200 Feet of the life guard towers at all times of the year.
  • No advanced kite tricks are allowed adjacent to the pier unless at least twice the distance of your kite lines to the pier.

Traveling south on US Hwy 101 from San Francisco and the Bay Area:
  • Take Hind exit in Pismo Beach.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Hind Ave. - Left on Price St - Right on Ocean View Ave. Left on Cypress St. Right on Park Avenue to end
  • Traveling North on US Hwy 101 from Santa Barbara and the Los Angeles - San Diego Area:
  • Take Price Street exit in Pismo Beach.
  • Left on Ocean View Avenue. Left on Cypress St - Right on Park Ave. to end.

Oceano Beach:

This section of the Pismo State Parks Beach: is also known as Oceano beach. It is about 2 miles south of Park avenue. Go South on Dolliver/Highway 1, turn right on GRAND ave. End of Grand Avenue is the first on ramp to the beach. The best place to kite is between Grand Avenue (first on ramp) to Pier Avenue (second on ramp)

  • Teaching & Beginners: All teaching is to be done North of Grand Avenue, beyond the "limit of driving pole" to 500 Feet south of the furthest most lifeguard tower at Pismo Beach.
  • A min. safe distance shall be maintained between the teaching area and any beach lounging persons or sightseers.
  • Beginners shall only body drag a minimum of 2x the distance from the waters edge.
  • Beginners are prohibited from body dragging within 250 Feet North or South of Grand Avenue and Pier Avenue entry points.
  • During weekends or holidays, beginners are prohibited from body dragging or kiting downwind or upwind less than the above prescribed safe kiting distance South of Pier Avenue, as these are high vehicular traffic areas.

  • Riding restrictions: No riders shall come within 100 Feet of any swimmer, or safe distance to recover from any maneuver, whichever is higher. No rider shall come within a safe maneuverable distance from any watercraft. All riders shall observe the right-of-way rules for engagement and kiting practices.
  • During periods of high vehicular activity all riders shall observe a further than normal distance from the shore, to avoid vehicular contact or driver confusion of ascending and descending kites over the sand.

Currently, there is no kiting on the beach South of Pier Avenue (second on ramp)

30 minutes from Pismo Beach, Head North on 101 and Go North on Highway 1, passed Morro Bay, Cambria, San Simeon and you will arrive to a nice kiting spot: Pico Creek, just outside north of San Simeon's town

Then another 5 minutes north from Pico Creek is Arroyo Laguna, a point break wave riding spot: