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Pismo Beach - Central Coast California

ParaGliding Flying Sites in or near Pismo Beach Area

For complete information on these sites, please visit: http://www.slosa.net/ - SLOSA: San Luis Obispo Soaring Association's Sites Guide

For current weather and live webcams of our local flying sites in and near Pismo Beach: Check out our web cams!


This site is located in the hills just SE of the City of Cayucos and North of the Torro Creek Road. Access is off of Highway 1.

We ask anyone new to the site that they be accompanied to top by a knowledgeable local pilot or instructor.

Launch is at the top of hill with wind sock/streamers. With appropriate conditions you can launch in just about any direction except east. Do not land in open area south of hill as you may well be prosecuted for trespassing. (Private ranch boundary line is marked by first fence just south of launch).

Laguna Lake - San Luis Obispo

This site is located in the hills just SW of the City of San Luis Obispo. The site is located in the Laguna Lake Park operated by the City of San Luis Obispo. The entrance to the park is from Madonna Road off and west of Highway 101. You can also access Madonna Road from Los Osos Valley Road either from Los Osos or Freeway 101.

Monta De Oro Sand Dunes- Los Osos

This site is located in Montana de Oro State Park SW of the City of Los Osos.

From Highway 101, take Los Osos Valley Road through the city of Los Osos. Los Osos Valley Road will change to Pecho Valley Road when it turns parallel to the coast.

The main flying site launch is off the scenic bluffs. Note however, this site REQUIRES A CHECK-OUT by a SLOSA member. Our use permit requires us to educate our members and keep them appraised of the dynamic changes to restricted areas of the beach used by Snowy Plovers for nesting areas. Landing in the protected areas is prohibited.

Shell Beach Cliff - Pismo Beach

This site is a coastal ridge site with a well landscape small park used as the launch site and easy public access to the Beach. Access is off the only Shell Beach exit off Highway 101. Set up is accomplished on the open lawn area where Paragliders are encouraged to raise there wing and walk out to the cliff to launch. This seemingly benign ridge site is however, fraught with serious hazards which have been responsible for the most serious injuries in the club in the last 5 years. We ask anyone new to the site that they be accompanied and checked out by a knowledgeable local pilot or instructor prior to flying this site.