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Kinsley Wong
Shell Beach, California - Live Web cams of my home town where I kiteboard, surf, paraglide, kayak, fish, mt. biking, and scuba diving.   Occasionally I travel up to Sherman Islands or down to Ventura, Marshall Peak, Kegal-Sylmar, Colonet, La Salina or to some other exotic places such as Brazil, Venezuela, France, Australia, NewZealand, Switzerland, Ecuador, New Caledonia, Fiji, Belize, Dominican Republic, Bali, S. Africa, etc...The list just get longer as I enjoy very much in making and meeting new friends locally and around the world.
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San Luis Obispo's Telegram Tribune's Xtreme Gear Article of Kinsley ThomasWong
Vincent Shay's Photography of Kinsley ThomasWong
Kinsley ThomasWong at
Kinsley ThomasWong and Icaro Paraglider
Video of Kinsley ThomasWong kiteboarding at Isla Coche, Venuezuela
Kinsley ThomasWong at
Santa Maria Times - May 31, 2005
SLO County BLOG - April 20, 2005
Kitesurfari - April 2, 2004
Ecuador - Crucita by Dave Bingham - Jan 1997
Cal Poly ATM Solutions - December 1997
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Many Thanks to my Pro Photographer friends: Vincent Shay, Cris Mitchell, Daniel Gallet, Francois Laborde,  Mike Cabezas and Samson Pinto  who have spent countless hours taking these killer photos which you might have seen them in many different magazines and web sites all over the world:

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Pictures of my friends and I on various trips.  Click to see bigger pictures...

On the weekend, I take my friends up in my Tandem Paraglider!

Mountain biking is just another sport that I enjoy.

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The cold ocean water of Central Coast California wakes me up most of the morning as I paddle out on my 6'2" custom made surfboard to catch a few waves at Spyglass, Moonstone, and Sand Dollar. Annual surf trips with my buddy Steve Davies and Mike Achkar down to Baja California or across the ocean to far places in search for those exotic waves in Bali, Fiji, Australia, and Hawaii  are places with great memories of awesome waves!

I also Scuba Diving with my friends: Steve Rossi, Jeff Legato, and Mark Miller most of the weekend here locally at places like Pierdras Blancas, Montana De Orro or Santa Barbara...Sometimes I would cruise up to Monterey and Carmel to dive with my buddies: Eric Garlick and Mike AchKar. Above photos are a few favorites of my personal Underwater Photographs which I photographed from various dive spots: Morro Bay, Channel Islands, Pierdras Blancas, Monterey, Lake Tahoe, Australia, Newzealand, Cozumel, Lapaz, Catalina Islands, etc...Spotted Fish

Look at these tasty lobsters and fish from my secret spots!
Pictures: Archer Koch, Kinsley ThomasWong, and Jeff Legato.

Kinsley, Mark, and Jeff at MDO 4/6/2002

During the winter I Snowboarding at Dodge Ridge, Tahoe, Sierra Summit, Mammoth Lakes, and Arosa-Switzerland. I currently ride LibTech 151 - and really dig it - and occasionally I SkyDive... Yes, I like to hang out on the wing of the airplane and enjoy the law of Gravity. Hiking & Mountain Biking & Rock Climbing...Mostly on the local mountains: Bishop Peak, Cerro San Luis, Perfumo Canyon, etc.

My friends and I bike, hike, climb regularly.  Kayaking...The best way to go diving in remote area! Send me an email if you want to explore the caves here at Shell Beach on kayak, my backyard beach!  I use my kayak exclusively for ocean kayaking and scubadiving; however, once in a while you will find me at the local lakes fly fishing with it.

Yes I love sailing too and am regularly sailing out to the Channel Islands!

Professional Licenses: Dive Master - PADI DM 84214, USHGA Tandem Instructor - Advanced Pilot #62349, HAM-KE6RBU
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Keep in touch, send me a note and  Have a great day!

Kinsley ThomasWong

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I like to hang upside down :-) or way up in the air...  Kitesurfing at Dominican Republic July 2001!

Sailing out ot Channel Islands

Shell Beach Caves Kayaking with friends

Home, sweet home: SHELL BEACH!

bonus pictures: stuff from the old old days..