XtremeBigAir ParaGliding Xpedition - Annecy - France 2008

Big Thanks to our friends: Antoine and Nadine of www.Florimontane.com

Live Web Cam view of Planfait flying site: courtesy of Florimontane Hotel

If you are planning to visit Annecy, France for paragliding or romantic holidays, Hotel Florimontane is simply the best place to stay in Annecy! Antoine is an incredible top rated xc and Tandem Instructor paragliding pilot. He speaks 5 different languages fluently: English, French, Swiss, German and Italian. Antoine's wife: Nadine is an incredible chef. Just have dinner at Hotel Florimontane one night, and you will never forget the super delicious creperies.

How to get to Annecy: GENEVA (GVA) is the closest airport. It is about 1 hour driving from Geneva to Annecy. You can rent a car in Geneva and drive to Annecy or simply book your group (2 to 6 persons) hotel and transportation with www.Florimontane.com

Annecy - France Xpeditions:

September 27, 2008: Antoine picked us up at the Geneva airport, which is a one hour drive from Annecy. We had a light but wonderful dinner in Menthon, and settled into our apartment at the Florimontane.
September 28, 2008: It is Sunday today. This morning we went to the old Annecy Town to check out the farmers market. The farmers market happens every Saturday, Tuesday and Friday. It was a great way to see the cheeses, meats and local flavors that we enjoyed on this trip. The center of town is pedestrian only, making the trip through farmers market enjoyable and carefree.
After the farmer market, we launched at Planfait. Here is a video clip of us Tandem Paragliding at Plan Fait:

September 29, 2008: Today we headed out to Chamonix for a day of flying. We met up with our friends, Len, Matthew, Johnty in Chamonix about an hour later. A few of us took the buckets up to top of Aiguille Midi for a beautiful view from the top of the valley and an amazing view of Mont Blanc. We launched from the intermediate launch which is about half way up the hill. Antoine, Jamie, Len, Matthew, and Johnty flew solo while Kinsley and Van flew tandem enjoying the amazing views of the green mountains, the glacier and the valley below.

Chamonix-Mont Blanc - France September 29, 2008

September 30, 2008: It is Tuesday and we went to the farmer market in Annecy downtown this morning again. The wind has picked up this afternoon strong so we biked around the lake. The path around the lake, Tour de Lac, is about 20 miles, most of which is on a beautiful bike path.
October 1, 2008: Today we left around 10 a.m. for Mount Lambert. We flew there then had wine tasting at Cave de Cruet. Cave de Cruet is a beautiful winery with a few varieties special to the region that were wonderful. We arrived back at The Hotel Florimontane for a wonderful crepe dinner by Chef Nadine. She spoiled us with the most amazing crepes we have ever had. Kinsley had a chanterelles crepes with local chanterelles mushroom. Van enjoyed ham and cheese and Jamie enjoyed a crepe full of potato, onion, roble schon, bacon and creme. There were absolutely wonderful.
October 2, 2008: Today we left Hotel Florimontane around 11am for Col De La Forclaz for paragliding. Col De La Forclaz is the end of the tour de France. The wind was S, SW on the top and N, NW coming across the lake at the LZ. Kinsley and Jamie flew while Van took amazing pictures of the lake. It was a good day of flying with more lift than we expected with the wind direction. After flying we took a bike ride down to the town of Annecy for lunch and shopping. After arriving back at Hotel Florimontane we relaxed and enjoyed a wonderful dinner again by Chef Nadine of Raclette with potato, salad, tomato and dried and cooked meats. It is amazingly simple but incredible in flavor. A Raclette dinner is special to this area and a wonderful treat to compliment an amazing trip.
October 03, 2008: Last night it rained, so we woke up this morning with Annecy's first snow of the season on the mountain peaks. We drove to Beaufortain and visit the Beaufort Cheese factory. Seeing the process, time and care put into the making of this very special local cheese gives you a greater appreciation for it when you enjoy it. Antoine and Nadine prepared a wine and cheese tasting for us for lunch. We compared a goat blue cheese with Roquefort, enjoyed the Beaufort from the factory and the local Cruet wines. An excellent lunch and wonderful treat. It rained on and off through out today.
October 04, 2008: We left Annecy early this morning for Geneva. Antoine took us through a beautiful town called Yvoire on our way to the airport. It is a wonderful town. With a castle and church in the center of a walking town there are many beautiful shops and a variety of great restaurants. It is on the french side of Lake Geneva and a beautiful town. It was a great way to finish out our trip to Annecy, the mountains, the towns and castle's before going to the airport. Here are some great pictures that Van took of Yvoire town:

We would like to give a BIG Thank You to our friends, Antoine and Nadine at The Florimontaine, for an incredible visit. We highly recommend anyone who would like to plan a trip to France for paragliding or adventuring visit Annecy and stay with Antoine and Nadine. They took amazing care of us, showed us around Annecy and as many of the amazing flying sites Annecy and the surrounding area has to offer in the short time we had. Annecy is an incredible place for for flying and for families. Biking around the lake, walking around the towns, visiting the outdoor markets, hiking, canyoning, wine tasting, cheese tasting and paragliding are all incredible. At the Florimontaine we stayed in our own apartment with the best hosts you could hope for with big smiles, wonderful cooking and help finding the best local places for our adventures. This was an incredible holiday and we are looking forward to returning again soon. Thank You Antoine and Nadine!!!!
This afternoon we leave Geneva to visit our friends: Ricardo and Sofia in Portugal!