Barbados - December 2001 by Kinsley Wong -

A big group of us: Nick Geranio and his Dad: Loui, Tim Harvey, Noel Wade, and myself visited Barbados in December 2001 to explore Kiteboarding possibilities in Barbados Island. Our host Wolfgang Lange helped us and took great care of us with accommodations as well as kiting spots. We kited at Long Beach and Silver Sands. Unfortunately during our two weeks period in Barbados around Xmas time, we experienced very light and inconsistant wind. We could barely stay upwind with our 15M Mach1 FOne kites. Long Beach is very beautiful place to kite! We did a big down winder from Long Beach to Silver Sand. On Xmas day, I bought fresh Octopus and fish from a local policeman/diver and made a killer meal for everyone. We searched for other places on the island to kite but the wind was too light to deal with the big surf.