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Brazil 2009 - July 03 -18: Icaraizinho and Pecem

Lucky riders on this trip: Kinsley and Jamie TW., Curt and Nancy C., Jamie K., Jose M., Scott and Wills E., and Jason L.

We spent our first week here at the Pais Tropical Resort to explore Icarai de Amontada (Icaraizinho)

During the last week of our trip, we spent the rest of the trip in Pecem at:

ISCADOSOL Hotel: http://www.IscaDoSol.com

Saturday July 4th, 2009
We (Kinsley & Jamie, Jamie K., Jose & Jason) arrived in Fortaleza on time and received most of our bags as a group (good reminder to keep essentials in the carry on). Jason’s bags were both missing unfortunately. His kite bag was delivered by Delta two days later. His main bag was not delivered on the trip and hopefully will be received within a reasonable time frame back home. Avis is available at the airport to rent vehicles including 4x4. Alan from Pais Tropical in Icarai de Amontada picked us up, took us to a great local lunch spot, and 4 hours later we arrived to Icaraizinho. Curt & Nancy arrived the same day at Pais Tropical.
Locally this area is known by the old name of Icarai de Amontada, it is also referred to by Icaraizinho. Alan informed us that they have been receiving many late season storms but have been getting wind most days. Kinsley & Jamie at Icarai de Amontada (Icaraizinho) on 11.5m Kahoona's; Jamie K. rode his 13m Waroo; Curt rode his 10.5m Flexifoil; Jose rode his 10m nemesis & Jason rode an 11.5m Kahoona. The wind was a bit side offshore so it was not too good on the inside but steady on the outside. The beach in front of Pais Tropical is a big bay with a mixture of flat water on the inside, rolling waves and open ocean.
Pais Tropical is owned by Laetitia Saint Martin, Jeremy Walthert, and Alan Trancart. The three are fluent in French and Alan is fluent in English. They currently have 6 bungalows with three in the process of being completed. Next door is a restaurant (Marina’s Restaurant) that works with Pais Tropical for lunch and dinner most days. Pais Tropical is out of the main town, but a quick walk down the beach or bike ride and you can be downtown to go to other restaurants or stores. There is a Cyber Café in town with an internet connection that is about the speed of dial up for 4 R$ per hour. Pais Tropical has a kite club right on the beach to store your gear which made kiting very convenient each day. Alan, Jeremy and Letticia have a wonderful set of local Brazil kids that are great riders and helpers available for day trips.
We had dinner at Marina’s restaurant, a delicious Moqueca dish of Lobsters with rice, pasta, salad, and beans. Huge portions and wonderful food.

Sunday July 5th, 2009
This morning we took a walk to the point. Pais Tropical is located in the middle of the bay. Club Ventos & Pousada de Aqua Coco are at the top of the point (south side – upwind). The pousada’s and homes at the top of the point are mainly setup for windsurfing. The beach at the top of the point has a lot more rocks and is setup for fishing by the local fisherman, not as ideal for kiting. There were a few people who stayed at the top of the point but kept their gear at the Pais Tropical kite club for a daily fee each day. Without wind there are a lot of sand fleas near the point, bug spray is a bonus. The bottom of the bay (north side – downwind) has some rocks to be careful of but at the wind fills in smoothly and lasts a bit longer into the evening. They are in the process of building a huge wind farm, about 90% completed currently.
We had no wind today but flew kites on the beach and hung out at the kite club. We had a great dinner at Marina’s of lobsters, shrimps, rice, beans, noodles and salad.

Monday July 6th, 2009
It rained hard last night which left a cloud cover that took until late afternoon to burn off. The wind came up but light. Kinsley & Jamie & Jason rode 11.5m Kahoona; Curt rode 10.5m Flexifoil; Jose rode 10m nemesis.

Tuesday July 7th, 2009
The wind came up late morning. Kinsley & Jamie were on 11.5 and 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jose on 10m Nemesis; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Curt on 10.5m Fleixfoil. The wind direction made the inside light and a gusty and the outside and farther down the bay smooth wind. Jose unfortunately had a kitemare near the beach, hit the sand hard and ended up with a broken nose and a separated shoulder. He was able to put his shoulder back in place but ended up with quite a shiner. Jose showed how XTREME he was the rest of the trip continuing to kite hard and progress BIG!
It rained in the afternoon so we had a great and very special dinner of oysters, lobsters, and fish dinner at the hotel. Had the weather been a bit more cooperative, the local fisherman had prepared our wonderful meal to be served in the dunes at sunset. The seafood does’t get any fresher and the meal was excellent.

Wednesday July 8th, 2009
Alan and his crew took us for a kite trip today to the river mouth. It is about a 20 minute drive (down wind). The sky was beautiful with lots of cumi clouds. Kinsley & Jamie were on 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jason on 9.5m Kahoona; Jose on 10m nemesis; Jamie K on 13m waroo; Curt was on 10.5 and 8.5m Flexifoil’s. The river mouth has flat water on the inside (super flat at low tide) and little breakers on the outside. You definitely need a buggy or 4x4 to get to this spot but it is well worth it and a lot of fun. The only thing to be careful of is leaving before high tide so you can make it back on the beach.

Thursday July 9th, 2009
Alan and his crew took us for another day trip, about 10 minutes up the beach to a flat water bay near the windmills. At low tide the bay is flat and at high tide nice waves start rolling in. Kinsley & Jamie were on 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jose on 10m nemesis; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Jason on 9.5m; Curt on 10.5m and 8.5m Flexifoil’s all day long. The wind became progressively stronger throughout the day and the swell started to come into the bay as the tide rose. Thanks to some fisherman there were also a few covered area’s with hammocks to take a break mid day. This was also an incredible place to see the size of the windmills they were putting up and a beautiful spot for photo’s. Jose had a breakthrough day being able to get back upwind and pull it all together. Will and Scott arrived from Fortaleza, rented a 4x4 and found us at the flat water windmill bay for a great first day of kiting. Will rode a 12m slingshot and Scott rode a 14m Ocean Rodeo.

Friday July 10, 2009
Our last day at Pais Tropical and Icaraizinho. Alan and his crew took us back to the river mouth along with a few new kiters who were taking lessons for the day. Kinsley & Jamie were on 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Jose on 10m nemesis; Jason on 13.5m Kahoona; Scott on 14m Ocean Rodeo; Will on 12m Slingshot. A storm was coming through so the wind was offshore. It started out as a good 7.5m day but was up and down and ended light as the storm started passing through. Most of us walked back across the river mouth at the end of the day (waist high water). With the river mouth, as the tide rises there is a more significant flow of water to watch out for.

Saturday July 11, 2009
We packed up and after breakfast Alan drove us to Pecem for the second half of our trip with a stop mid day lunch and kiting at Paracuru. We had a great lunch waiting for the wind to come up and enjoyed an incredible day of kiting at Paracuru. Kinsley & Jamie were on 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jason on 9.5 Kahoona; Curt on 10.5m Flexifoil; Jose on 10m nemesis; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Will on 12m Slingshot; Scott was on a 7.5m, 9.5m Kahoona’s and 12m Slingshot all day long in smooth strong wind. We left Paracuru in time to arrive at Isca do Sol Hotel in Pecem just after sunset. Alan drove Curt, Nancy & Jose back to Fortaleza airport for their return home.
Isca do Sol Hotel is perfectly located in Pecem on the beach. The rooms are clean and great size. Room 205 is a kitchen suite on the 2nd floor with wrap around deck and ocean view that we highly recommend. It was perfect for evenings after kiting checking out pictures and relaxing before dinner. The owners, Hans and Sonja, have put together a great hotel with a pool and wonderful restaurant. They have a range of rooms and bungalows. They took great care of us on this trip. Pecem town is definitely a drive away although there are a few restaurants within walking distance on the beach.
Sunday July 12, 2009
Today the wind came up strong in the morning and lasted all day. Kinsley and Jamie were on 7.5m (morning and mid day) and 11.5m (evening) Kahoona’s; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Jason on 13m Kahoona; Will on 12m Slingshot and Scott on 9.5m Kahoona and 14m ocean rodeo. The wind lasted until sunset. The wind direction is mainly sideshore, sometimes side-on. We kited right in front of our hotel which is a great spot with nice waves and not too choppy on the outside. At high tide there are great flat area’s between the waves to enjoy. There is a lot of space and room to head both upwind towards the Port and downwind. Thank You to Will and Jason and Jamie K for renting the 4x4 truck and buggies so we could enjoy downwind runs with a buggy ride back to the hotel.
Monday July 13, 2009
Today we were excited to wake up to whitecaps again with wind all day long. Kinsley & Jamie were on 7.5m Kahoona’s; Jason on 9.5m Kahoona; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Will on 12m Slingshot and Scott on 9.5m Kahoona and 9m Naish. We headed into town for dinner. Pecem Centro has a great square with great restaurants and a lot of activity going on. We had a Brazilian dinner and enjoyed three types of beef, rice, rice & beans, salad, salsa and beer all around.

Tuesday July 14, 2009
Today we ventured out and headed to Taiba Lagoon. No longer being maintained the lagoon was much smaller and more dangerous to kite in. The wind was light but steady. Kinsley was on 11.5m Kahoona; Scott on 14m Ocean Rodeo; Jamie K on 13 Waroo and Will on 12m Slingshot. There are a lot of sharp rocks and shells that left both Will and Scott with cut up feet. Jamie Kyles had a breakthrough day with back rolls. First day trying them out and he was able to do them both directions. Will perfected his riding on flat water and Scott made his first double back roll until they injured their feet on rocks.
After Will and Scott were bandaged up we decided to head into Taiba for lunch. We ate a wonderful pousada, Villa da Paraia. The owners, Michelle & Cellia, have a fantastic French/Brazilian restaurant with great food and wine. This is a beautiful pousada (great rooms) with a pool and good kiting location. It is close to town and you can kite right in front of the hotel. There is nice surfing point. After lunch we headed back to Pecem and kited in front of Isca do Sol until Sunset.
Wednesday July 15, 2009
The wind came up around 10am this morning. After raining all night the wind was a little lighter. Kinsley was on 11.5m Kahoona boosting big; Jamie on the 7.5m Kahoona and a surfboard; Jason on 13.5m Kahoona; Jamie K on 13m waroo; Will on the 13.5m Kahoona and 12m Slingshot; Scott on the 12m Slingshot and 14m Ocean Rodeo. The wind lasted all day allowing us a few sessions to ride throughout the day. Jason had a great day making his first few big jumps.

Thursday July 16, 2009
Today was another road trip day to Cauipe lagoon. It rained again last night and the cloud cover remained. We arrived at Cauipe in time for a great lunch of our favorite shrimp in Brazil. Mid afternoon the wind came in perfect for the 11.5m for Kinsley & Jamie, 13m Kahoona for Jason, 13m waroo for Jamie K, 11.5m kahoona for Scott and 12m slingshot for Will. Will had a breakthrough day with his riding enjoying the shallow flat water. Jason had another successful day doing his first railey and was able to stay upwind. Scott perfected his railey’s, back rolls (attempting a 720) and jumping. Jamie perfected his back roll and is now ready for a forward roll. The wind picked up strong by the end of the day. Scott rode the ocean side on a 7.5m boosting huge jumps until Sunset.

Friday July 17, 2009
It rained last night and due to heavy cloud cover the wind didn’t push through until about 3pm. It came up light and remained light until sunset. Kinsley and Jamie were on 11.5m Kahoona’s; Jamie K on 13m Waroo; Scott on 13.5m Kahoona; Will on 12m Slingshot. The group went to Cumbuco and had a great Thai dinner and had a great evening. Jason and Jamie K enjoyed driving the buggy home from Cumbuco in a downpour.
Saturday July 18, 2009
It rained hard last night with a big storm that moved through. Today is our last day in Pecem before heading back to the airport for our flight back home.

Icaraizino Local Wind is 16 - 25 knots, Side-offshore, From July to January, best season 20/25 knots from 10 o'clock to 18 with goods times 35/40 knots . Pecem has nice sideshore wind, nice waves for surfing. Water is warm. You might need a nice thick rashguard on a cloudy day but 99% of the day, you don't need wet suit or shorties. Just a pair of short, rashguard, hat to protect from the burning hot sun.

Avis has its office at Fortaleza Airport for car rental. Other Car rentals etc: http://www.cumbucorooms.com/

Another web site to check out Icaraizinho: http://www.velawindsurf.com/html/pages/destinations/icaraizinho/tips-and-facts.php




Guajiru is south of Praia Da Barra (Ilha do Guajiru) with hotel: http://www.rede-resort.com.br/location.php - Map of Guajiru: http://www.kitebeaches.com/kitesurf/loc/guajiru.html

Great information for all kiting spots in Brazil: http://www.kite-brazil.com/