Brazil 2007: August 11-24
By Kinsley and Jamie ThomasWong -
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Saturday August 11, 2007: Cumbuco and Hi-Life kite school.

Karen with Ozone travel has offered a group of us an amazing experience, to take a group of us who love visiting Brazil ourselves on a trip to learn the accomodations, the restaurants, meet the locals and most importantly learn the best places to kite. After this trip between Karen & ourselves we will be able to create or organize some killer trips back here. Here is our group: Karen with Ozone Travel. Anna Marie with TAM Airlines (Helping to make the flight from Miami to Fortaleza possible and hopefully in the future direct). Juan & Morgan with The Kite Shop in Keybiscaya FL & ourselves Kinsley & Jamie with XtremeBigAir. We arrived in Forteleza, unfortunately with no bags in hand. Out of 6 of us, 2 of us arrived with nothing and 1 with partial bags. A quick lesson to make sure that sunscreen, boardshorts & bathing suits, and an extra set of clothes needs to be in a carry on. We arrived at Sunset Beach Hotel which has very large rooms and a great atmosphere. The owner, Jack, was very quick to offer to take us to town to pick up some clothes and necesseties while his wife Elle took good care of us at the hotel. Karen led the group of us through town showing us the different hotels and pousada's in town meeting the great locals who love the kiting community and cater to our style. Morgan and Juan kited in front of Sunset Beach Hotel while Karen, Anna Marie, Kinsley & I headed to Hi-Life kite school to borrow gear. It was about 5:30 when we arrived at Hi-Life so the wind was much lighter after a very strong 7m day. We were slightly underpowered on a 7m Nemesis HP 2008 prototype and 9m yarga but more than happy to be in the water. Thank you Jaime of Hi-Life, Peter of Best, and Doug (our buddie from Ventura) for helping to get us out on the water. We enjoyed a great dinner at Hi-Life with Jaime, Shannon & Peter, and our group. Diana (Jaime's Mom) makes an excellent indian dinner as well as a filet that was incredible. We hung out for a while before Jaime, Shannon and Peter took Juan and Morgan down to Cumbuco for a local festival and an unbelievable very local party. Anna Marie tracked down our bags so tomorrow we can kite on our gear.


Sunday August 12, 2007: Cumbuco
Our gear and clothes arrive!!! Our friend Kip also arrived today. We left mid day in front of Sunset Beach Hotel for a down winder to Cuiepe. The wind was good, we were perfect on a 10m kite. Kip was a bit under power on his 11m, wishing he has 13m. Jaime from Hi-Life kite school helped us with the downwinder following us on the beach and bringing us back to the hotel afterwards. It is about 5-6km of wave riding, an absolute blast. We walked over to lagoon in Cuiepe practicing tricks and playing in the flat water with another 20 or so kites. We had lunch at the lagoon, great whole fried fish and very fresh shrimp. This place has the best and freshest shrimp! The wind got a little light in the late afternoon and picked up again near sunset. We had a great time in the lagoon with less than 10 kites, room to spread out and enjoy the flat water. We headed back to Sunset Beach and headed out to Fortaleza about 9pm for dinner at a great Brazilian BBQ place in town. Afterwards, off to a local club for an evening of dancing and great music.

Monday August 13, 2007: Port Pecem - Taiba - Party at Mark and Katie of
We drove from Cumbuco on the beach and about 30 minutes later we arrived Port Pecem. It was very low tide so we got to see the rocks at Pecem. Waves were quite small but the water was smooth so off we all went out kiting together. Jaime was going off on Kinsley's 10m kite. Everybody had a blast. Then Kinsley, Jamie, and Karen did a straight downwinder across the bay to Taiba. We checked in a local pousada in town of Taiba and then went a killer party hosted by Mark and Katie of at their house right on the beach of Taiba. It was great to see our friend Gavin and partying with Alex and Shannon. Marco and Katie made some extremely tasty Caprifrutas with passion fruit! We had delicious fresh grill fish on the stick, bbq chicken and sausage: simply super decilious :-) Thank You very much Mark and Katie!

Tuesday August 14, 2007: Taiba to Lagoinha then Fleicheiras
We left this morning, stopped by Taiba lagoon quickly and did not kite there as the water was really low. We drove north and kited at Paracuru for a few hours. The waves were overhead and the wind was super strong as we were lit on our 7m bullaroo! Paracuru was so far the best place for waveriding and all of us had the best time there. Here we had a cold beer with our friend Jason Brook and then we head up north. A few hours later we arrived to Campanha: a beautiful bay. We kited at Campanha on 10m but the wind was too gusty for everyone else and so we all had lunch there. We then drove on and arrived at Solas das Velas hotel in Fleicheiras.

Wednesday August 15, 2007: Fleicheiras
This afternoon we kited at Fleicheiras on 7m kite. The wind was super gusty infront of Solas das Velas so we kited further downwind. We left Fleicheiras on a minivan and 3 1/2 hour later we arrived to Rancho do Peixe in Prea. The staff at Rancho do Peixe took us on a wild crazy buggy ride on the beach from Prea to Jericoara for dinner. Warm wind and sand was blasting our face while we stargazed... We had a delicious dinner at Jericoara with Filipo and Fabio, the owner of the Rancho do Peixe and ????village.

Thursday August 16, 2007: Prea
We continued to head up the coast, arriving in Prea. We stayed at Rancho de Piexe in Prea. Fabio, the owner of Rancho de Peixe in Prea and XXXXX in Jeri, and Filipo, the manager took amazing care of us and showed us around the area. Both Pousada's are beatufiul and have a very tropical feel to them with large rooms and a spa. They are great locations for both both kiters and families. Once in your life time you must visit Jericoara and take a buggy ride to Tatajuba. We saw some of the most amazing landscapes: miles and miles of beautiful whie sand dunes and flat water. We headed to Tatajuba which has the largest lagoon we have ever seen. At Tatajuba, we met Miguel the owner of Santa Maria
Jericoara is a fun town with a great night life and a street bar scene that goes on all night with great local shops. It is a national park and absolutley beautiful. Between the coastline and huge white sand dune sunsets are amazing over the water, Jeri is an amazing scene.. Prea is relaxed and beautiful and a quick 20 minute buggy ride to Jeri. Jeri is a wind surfing haven but could be too strong for kiting. Prea had better kiting and steady strong wind. We did a downwinder from Prea to Jeri which took about 45 minutes but was great for both tricks and wave riding. It was a perfect sunset ride ended with some caiprinhas at Jeri. Much Thanks to Filipo and Fabio made it very easy for us to kite and get buggy rides from both locations which allowed us a lot of flexibility in kiting, eating, and the adventuring.

Friday August 17, 2007: Prea to Cumbuco
After two days in Prea and Jeri we headed back down the coast to Cumbuco. This is a 4.5 hour drive from Prea to Cumbuco on the highway. We left Rancho do Peixe in Prea early this morning around 8:30 a.m. on 2 4x4 trucks and arrived to Cumbuco around 1 p.m. We arrived in time to kite the afternoon in Cumbuco. Jamie and I checked in Sunset beach hotel to hang out with our friend Kip while the rest of the group stayed at Duro Beach hotel owns by Chris which is a brand new hotel across from Jardin Restaurant, near Blue Wind Kite School. We kited on our 10m Bullaroo with Kip until sunset. Then off to dinner at 0031 Restaurant which owns by Roel and Janneke.

Saturday August 18, 2007: Cumbuco
Jamie and I practiced hard today. We practiced our tricks right infront of Sunset Beach Hotel: a little bit choppy water, big onshore waves but we love it as we were all alone by ourselves. Kip was a bit underpower in the morning on his 11m waroo but the wind picked up so he was quite happy. Kip signed up for his afternoon lessons with Jaime of HiLife kite school so he was super stoked learning new tricks and got a great downwinder from Cumbuco to Caiupe lagoon. We then went out to dinner at Jardim Restaurant.

Sunday August 19, 2007: Cumbuco
We woke up early today. By 8:30 a.m. we were already in the water riding. Jamie is learning to do Hootchie glide and board grab with big jumps..

Monday August 20, 2007: Paracuru
We rent a buggy and together with our friend Doug P., we drove to Paracuru and spent the day riding waves and boosting big on 7m kite. We blew out one of the tire on the buggy but we made it back to Cumbuco on the spare.

Tuesday August 21, 2007: Taiba
We rent a buggy again and together with our friend Doug P., we drove to Taiba. Doug, Kip and Jamie played all day on the waves from Taiba bay down to Taiba Lagoon. All three of them had the lagoon for themselves all day. Shannon and Alex showed up later during the day and Kinsley got to test the new BEST 2008 Nemesis HP 10m. Kinsley was flying super high like he was paraggliding over the Taiba Lagoon!

Wednesday August 22, 2007: Taiba
We rent a buggy and drove to Taiba Lagoon again so Kinsley can test out the 2008 Waroo kites. Kip and Jamie played all day on the waves from Taiba bay down to Taiba Lagoon. The waves were much bigger today. Kinsley measured the wind was averaging 21kts gusting 27kts. Kip was on 11m Waroo while Kinsley and Jamie were on 7m Bullaroo. Everyone was boosting high and going nuts practicing tricks. Kinsley was going crazy with the new Waroo 9m 2008 and Nemesis HP 10m.

We stopped by Caiupe lagoon to have a few beers and ate the freshest shrimps and watch the sunset:
Will have more pictures tomorrow...

More pictures and info of Fortaleza on the web here:

hi-life Kite School

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Surface Conditions: Wind Chop and Waves. ( Choppy with shore breaks right in front of Golfinho hotel, smooth in lagoon, nice waves in other area)
Wind Conditions: Good for 8, 10, 12 or 14m² kites. (if you are 70Kg or less then bring 8 - 14M kites, more than 70Kg bringh 10 to 16M kites)
Season: August to December: 100% wind - June through January: Consistant wind
Water Temp: 20 to 25 degrees (Celsius) (Water is very nice.  We kited 7 a.m. in the morning just in our shorts)
Air Temp: 28 - 35 C. (Very pleasant, not too hot  or humid in Cumbuco!)
Nearest Town: Fortaleza is 40 minutes by car.


It is always windy in Cumbuco: what an ideal spot for kiteboarding! We love the service and hospitality of the staff at Sunset Beach Hotel and Hotel Golfinho.  We had the best waves at Pecem and Paracuru.  The best months are August until December, these months you can kite every day with 10, 12 or 14m² kites and someday on 7m or 8m kites. January and February are the months with lesser wind. February to April is the rain season and the constant wind starts normally in June, so do not forget to bring a 16 or an 18m² kite if you come between January and June. Behind Cumbuco are some really big sand dunes. The Dunes creates warm thermal air daily. The wind increases as you go north. There are many other kitesurfing spots outside of Cumbuco: Icarai, Taiba, Cauipi, Pecem, and Paracuru.

Other sources of information about this area can be found at:


In Cumbuco, transport must be taken care of by yourself because there is no local transport here (also no taxis here), you should rent a car, like a VW Golf with air-conditioning, or a buggy. Do not forget to get an International drivers license!!!!! Closest City is Fortaleza 25 miles away from Cumbuco.


At the airport, cabs are on the spot and they are the best way to reach Cumbuco. However, if you are staying at Golfinho hotel, the hotel will pick you up for 70 Reais.  Other kiters we met on the trip rented their car at the airport of Fortaleza and drove themselves to Golfinho hotel. We highly recommend you get in touch with Jamie Mac of Hi-Life and he will be able to help you with accommodations as well as taxis, etc.

In the rarest case the taxi-drivers speak a foreign language. The prices vary strongly and can be negotiated. They also depend on the size of the cab, but shouldn't exceed 80 Reais (approx. 21 Euro or 27 US$). It's the best to negotiate and fix the price in advance!

Take into account that there are hardly cabs with roof rack!

Car rental
It's the best to rent a car directly at the airport. This is usually fundamentally cheaper than to book a car ahead of time. There are also differences in price between the individual car rentals. You need an International Driver License!

Arrival airport
Fortaleza, Ceara - Brazil

You will need to obtain Visa to enter Brazil.  Took us a week plus $100USD per person to obtain the visa.

Summer time
October - February (one hour summer time difference)

National language
Portuguese - Brazilian

English is understood only in larger hotels and airline companies. You cannot expect English conversation on the street, in restaurants or shops.

1 Real (Reais = majority) is 100 Centavos. We exchange our money at the Cambio and also at the front desk of GOLFINHO hotel.  As of August 2007, USD is 1 to 2 Rais.

There are ATM machines at the Fortaleza's airport and Caucaia (approx. 10 km from Cumbuco). Otherwise it's hard to find ATM machines which accept foreign cards and the do not always work.

Credit cards are accepted only in good hotels, shops and restaurants.

For the entry in Cumbuco - Brazil there are no vaccinations required. Generally, there are no special vaccinations necessary. If you are planning to visit the jungle or marsh areas, you will have to think about getting a yellow fever vaccination as well as a malaria prophylaxis. Inoculation against diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis A and B is also be recommended by some doctors.

There are  hospitals in Fortaleza. In most hospitals, you may pay 50 Reais so you don't have to wait. Most likely you will be attended only by presentation of cash (or a credit card). Obtain an invoice in any case to get the costs refunded by your insurance at home.

Of course you should always have medicine and a first aid kit with you. However you will find a pharmacy with a good choice of medicine in every bigger place, which mostly are cheaper than in Europe.

The air temperature in Cumbuco is very nice.  It is warm, not humid with nice breeze.  Year round: during the day, the air temperature is between 28C and 35C and at night over 20 degrees centigrade. Important: high sun protection factor!

The water temperature is around the 26° year round.  Water temp here is so far one of the warmest place we have ever kited in.  At 7 a.m. in the morning, we can kite with just our shorts!

Within the months of June until January: no rain. The wind strength is daily between 15 and 30 knots and can be even stronger up in the north. There are only very few days with wind under 15 knots.

Rainy season within the months from February until May. It normally rains daily for a couple of hours, mainly in the  morning.  This can increase the humidity.  The wind is between 10-30 knots but not as consistent as June through January. 

The usual tip of 10 % is often already included in the price of the invoice and specified. If you give a tip consider that the day's wages of many workers is only 2.50 to 3 Euros (2.50 to 4.00 US$).

You will find internet access in internet cafe in Fortaleza, in tourist villages, in hotels and in a few Pousadas. As of August 2007, the best internet connection is at Sunset Beach Hotel which is wireless and fast.
At Golfinho hotel, you can use internet for 7 rais per hour.