Cabarete - Dominican Republic - September 04 - 13, 2004
Kinsley Wong -

Tim H., Justin W., Scott M. and I, all of us were quite lucky arriving to POP (Puerto Plata) without
any problems through the eyes of hurricane Frances. We stayed at Extreme Hotel and loved it there.

Our friend, Stefan of KiteXcite Kitesurfing school spoiled us with the free Airfills and Kite Locker at
Extreme Hotel and downwind trips from La Boca.

We had 11M to 16M wind everyday with a few days of 9M kite and head high waves on the reef.
On this trip we saw lots of our old friends and also made some new friends: Lindsay,
Gabriel and Salima, Sheridan and Amy, Bill and Gale, Tania and Stefan, and Nina.

Some of the Most memorable moments that were captured on camera but we decided to leave them
out of this web page: Tim, Scott, and Justin pole dancing!

See you on our next Cabarete 2006 trip!

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