Punta San Carlos - Baja California, Mexico - September 5 - 10, 2006
Kinsley Wong - http://XtremeBigAir.com

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This trip is Kinsley's Bachelor Party trip and it is hosted by Steve Davies!
Archive of Kinsley Wong and Team XtremeBigAir's World Famous Xpeditions!

September 12, 2006 - Review by Steve Davies:
Kiting San Carlos
Just got back from a short trip to Baja.  I used to surf down there all the time but never kited.  We decided on Punta San Carlos, Known as a windsurfing destination and incredible waves. 
We left 9/5/06 once we knew Hurricane John would not affect us.  From the bay area you can make the trip
in about 16 hours of non stop driving.  The last 2 hours are very rough.  Once there we set up camp on the cliff over looking Bombbora.  A right point break that you can kite across the whole bay.  We arrived about 4pm with 15 mph winds,
unpacked the kites and went to work.  Words of caution here.  San Carlos breaks a lot of the rules of kiting. 
Very little beach so the kiter climbs down the cliff with bars and lines while another holds the kite on the cliff
then launches the kite to off shore winds and beautiful waves.  Everyday the swell got bigger. 
It started chest high and finished the trip several feet overhead.  Every morning we surfed a spot called Chili Bowl.  A right break with long rides into another bay. Then everyday in the afternoon we kited until after sunset. 
You can also kite Chili Bowl as the waves just peel off the point all day long.  I wore a full suit surfing and a shorty when kiting.  This is extreme camping, you need to bring everything including water.  There is a fish camp that you can get fish.  Since it was a full moon,
we actually picked our own musselles, Clams and Octopus.  The last day with the largest waves was the best Kiting day. 
We were in the water by 10am.  Everyone on 7m-10m kites all day.  We were lucky as there were only a few other
campers so 7 people all friends rode waves until we had to carry each other up the cliff.  This place is very isolated so if you camp you will have to bring everything.  Solosports runs a windsurfing camp down there that you can pay for however if you kite you must bring your own gear.  The nights can be cold if the wind is blowing but I don't think you'll find a better spot for kiting waves.

From Left to Right: Kevin, George, Peter, Tim, Kinsley, Steve N., and Steve D

Our Camp site at Punta San Carlos

Steve N. , Tim, and Cactus:

Steve N: This is why you don't want to fall asleep during the party

Peter D., Steve N., and Steve D.

Kinsley  BBQ his catch of the day

and he is still hungry - Never leave home without Ramen

and Peter got to have his java in the morning

Tim - Pura Vida

Steve D. took one off from Steve N. at Chilli Bow

Steve D. 's signature cutback

Peter D. going left at Chilli bow

Kevin W. shredding at Chilli Bow

George H. at Chilli Bow

Kevin W. at Chilli Bow

Steve D. at Chilli Bow

Kinsley W. at Bombora

Kinsley and Steve N. at Bombora

Tim at Bombora

Kevin W. at Chilli Bow

Steve N. at Bombora

Kevin at Bombora

Kinsley and Steve N at Bombora

George H. at Chilli Bow

Steve N. sending sprays

and so does Tim H.

Video Clip of Kinsley riding at Bombora - 50mb AVI file

Google map of El Rosario and turning points on the dirt road to Punta San Carlos.
Down load it here
Items to bring:
Down Load this Microsoft Word Check List here for all the stuff that you need to bring

A friend has kindly sent to us his driving direction to Punta San Carlos which matches the Google Map nicely:

Here is the driving direction:
1. Get Mexican insurance over the internet (You can buy Driver Insurance $100/a Year).  Hit the border at Dusk in order to allow time to get into san Carlos before dark.  Avoid driving at night.  
Driving south 6 hours from Tiajuana, past El Rosario Town. If you want to break the trip a part, you can stay at Mission Santa Maria Beach hotel or Jardin or Old Mill Hotel in San Quintin. At Mission Hotel, you can kite right in front of the hotel and there is a long sandy beach about 8 miles. The beach ends at Punta de Socorro where you can paraglide off the dunes there. Then wake up the next day and drive down to Punta San Carlos which is 3 hours from San Quintin (One hour from San Quintin to El Rosario and 2 hours/60km on the dirt road to Punta San Carlos.

2. Drive to El Rosario and you will head out of town, cross a big bridge.

3. Drive to 80KM Sign and you will see a large turnout on your right. (When the km sign on the road showing 80km, once you passed it, you should be at the sign.  This is 80km from San Quintin).  It is very apparent that the turnout has been driven on before. If you miss the first right there is a second right just before you start heading down the hill again.  The first turnout should have a big rusty sign with bullet holes, stickers, rust all over it.  The sign says something like Punta San Carlos. 60km -->.
Kinsley at Punta San Carlos Sign - September 05, 2006

4.  Crack open some coolies (BEER) and start the dirt road.  If you drive a motorhome, you will be going about 10 to 15miles per hour for the next 2:30 hours on this 60km road.

5.  There will be many roads and if you go right most of them end back up on the main road.  When in doubt, just stay LEFT and you should make it to San Carlos in about 39.00  miles - 60km.  Start your odometer.  When you are close to the beach you actually want to turn right because you will end up in the fish camp (which is not a big deal) but you will be about 1.5 miles south of where you should be camping.

Fish Camp at Punta San Carlos

6.  Bring a spare tire for your spare tire.  Tires will blow.  Drive slow. In my Toyota it takes 1.5 hrs.  Driving Fast.  In a bigger truck/trailer it takes us 3 hrs driving slow.

7.  There is a few houses and what seems to be a town about half way to San Carlos.  Stay LEFT.

8.  There is also a few tough sections of the road but always a way up or around them.

9.  Blast Some Tunes and you will eventually end up in San Carlos.

10.  We have had broken axles,  transmissions,  roof racks, realized we forgot to bring a tire iron after we got a flat, found people camping for a
few day's because they were broken down,  been stuck in arroyos, attacked by hyenas, rattle snakes, stuck in mud, stuck on the beach (the wrong beach)...
(because we did not stay LEFT).  etc.  etc.  In the end we always seem to find our way to San Carlos.

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