Caribbean well kept secret Kiteboarding Paradise found: 

SANDY BEACH (Anse de Sables Bay) Vieux Fort – St. Lucia  June 21 – 27 2003 by Kinsley ThomasWong.


Through out day and night, there is always a constant cool breeze.  I am not quite sure if the wind ever stops blowing here.  Just 30 short steps from my beach bungalow at the Reef Center, I stand on the soft white SANDY beach with the warm turquoise crystal clear water inviting me to swim then to bask in the hot sun.   During the last 5 days, I woke up at 7 a.m. and everyday I found the Atlantic trade wind blowing steady side shore port tack 18-24mph wind.  Small whitecaps dotted the aquamarine water of this Atlantic side of the island.  Everyday while I was at Sandy Beach, there were no other kiteboarders.  Just Sandy Beach, me and my F-One 9M kite and Underground 110cm board.   By the time I finished my morning kiteboarding session from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Ed D.H., an avid windsurfer from Connecticut and his signficant’s Faye K. helped to keep the beach busy on their windsurfers.  I can’t believe myself such a Kiteboarding Paradise exists nowadays in the Caribbean!    


The Sandy Beach is long and slopes off slightly where you can stand 20 meters from the beach on the low tide day.  Mainly it is flat water sailing here with occasional chops and small shore break waves.  As you can see on the picture,  the Anse de Sables Bay is closed to leewards so there is no danger of drifting off out in to the sea.  There is also a safety boat at Club Mistral here.


Normally during the month of June and July, I usually visit my favorite Caribbean Kiteboarding Island: CabareteDominican Republic or paraglide in Annecy, France.  This year, I arrived to St. Lucia after a week long expedition in St. Vincent and The Grenadines to help Mr. Cyrill Prescott assessing Paragliding and Kiteboarding sites  to promote tourism to St. Vincent.   You can read more information about my expedition trip to St. Vincent and The Grenadines here:


Sandy Beach of St. Lucia is a big bay located conveniently 2 to 3 minutes taxi ride from the Hewanorra International Airport (Airport code: UVF) in Vieux Fort of St Lucia.  Air Jamaica and US Airways are the two major airlines that fly frequently from LAX, New York, Miami to UVF.  Otherwise, American Airlines fly to SLU Airport where you have to take 1 hour taxi ride (about $US45 to $US65 each way) from SLU Airport to Sandy Beach.  From St.Vincent, I made a mistake taking the LIAT which flies to Barbados then to St. Lucia.  You can fly directly from St. Vincent to St. Lucia on the Caribbean Star Airline in less than ˝ hour as St. Vincent is only 20 miles south of St. Lucia.  Just make sure that your destination airport is UVF. 


Cecile, a friendly windsurfer/kiteboarder and a longtime resident of St. Lucia who manages Club Mistral Windsurfing/Kitesurfing center as well as the Reef Center, will be glad to help you with all your needs for windsurfing/kitesurfing rentals, lessons, tours, taxi rides, etc. while you are visiting St. Lucia.  Club Mistral carries a full range of the latest Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Rental Equipment. 


Historical wind data show that the prevailing Atlantic NE wind at Vieux Fort blowing consistently from 15-25 kts during November through June.  July and August usually have hurricanes so the wind could be good or extremely strong.  April and May are some of the driest months here.  In June there are occasionally shower rains through out the night and day so be super careful of dark rain clouds while you are kiting: a common sense that you need to develop while kiting in any tropical places as the wind always get stronger right before the dark Virga rain cloud comes, sometimes up to 40-50kts in matter of seconds.


There are no solicitors or vendors on the beach to pester you with their goods while you are relaxing on the beach here.  Rarely, you might get awaken by a herd of horses trotting through the beach as someone had letting them running loose.  During the week days after 5 p.m., there might be a few local Vieux Fort residents swimming in the bay.  


At Sandy beach here, there are two windsurfing/kiteboarding center: The Tornado Windsurfing Center and Club Mistral/TheReef/ center.  The Tornado Windsurfing Center is currently closed for holidays and will be reopened in November. is open all year around. operates ClubMistral/Skyriders and the Reef Center.  Club Mistral center offers a large range of windsurf and kiteboard equipment for instruction and rentals.  The Reef Center offers killer breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks right on the beach where you can dine and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and gorgeous ocean view.  The Reef Center currently has 4 beach bungalows which suit guys like me perfectly who just want to roll out of bed, walk a few steps then kiteboard all day long.  A vast variety of other sport activities one can book through such as horseback riding, Piton Volcanoes, Tropical Rain Forest and Water falls day hiking trips, Scuba Diving, etc.


A four hours hike to the Gros Piton is highly recommended.  This is a full day trip to the top of this gigantic volcano top.  The local food here is mainly West Indies style with lots of fresh seafood like Dolphin, Ahi Ahi, Tuna, etc.  Fresh fruits such as Mangos, Love Apple, Sugar Apple, Bananas, Pineapple are widely available. 


Important facts:

Best time for winds: December through July with the best months: December – March, June

Wetsuit: Shorty or Lycra

Activities: Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Fishing, Horseback riding, Hiking, BBQ, Boogie boarding, Relax on the beach, Botanical Garden, Waterfalls, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

Airport Departure Tax: $54 EC = $21USD per person

Health Regulations: No immunizations required.

Language: English

Electricity: 220V.  Adapter plug is necessary.

Tipping: 10%

Internet: Several Internet Cafes are availables.

Visit to book your accommodations, kiteboarding lessons, etc...


 I really had an incredible time in St. Lucia and just can't wait to get back there soon!
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