Xtreme Big Air ParaGliding Xpedition - Annecy - France 2002
Annecy Lake, France
May 15 - May 26, 2002

12 days of paragliding in one of the WORLD BEST PARAGLIDING Sites!
Day 1: EVERYONE arrives to Geneva no later than 3 p.m.  Look for our Big Air Tour guides with the Big Air Tshirt and Sign.  We will then hop in the Big Air Mobile and drive to Annecy Lake.  Check in at Roc de Chere Hotel.  Dinner by the lake and relax to get rid of your JET LAG.

Day 2:  Yummy Breakfast is provided every morning at Roc de Chere.  Today we will Paraglide at Planfait, a flying site that is about 200 meters from Roc de Chere,  to warm up your Thermal and high altitude flying skills.

Day 3:  Paragliding at Col de La Forclaz to warm up your Xcountry flying skills.  Task of the day:  reach goal at Planfait.

Day 4:  Tour of Mont Blanc and Flying at Chamonix.  You will have to pay for your own cable car rides to Mont Blanc and Chamonix.  After summit the tallest mountain in Europe: Mont Blanc, we will paraglide off from both Mont Blanc and Brevent into the famous Chamonix Valley.

Day 5:  Paragliding at one of these sites: Semnoz, Roc Des Boeufs, Entrevernes, Veyrier, Anglette, Planfait, Col de la Forclaz, or La Grand Bornand.  Optional: Visit ITV and SupAir Factory

Day 6:  Paragliding at one of these sites: Semnoz, Roc Des Boeufs, Entrevernes, Veyrier, Anglette, Planfait, Col de la Forclaz, or La Grand Bornand.  Other things to do:  CANYONING, hiking, mountain biking in the Echarvines Nature Reserve.  Cycling around the lake.  Swimming in the lake.  Visit and shopping for gifts at Menthon-St-Bernard, Talloires, or Veyrier-Du-Lac.

Day 7 - Day 12:  Paragliding at one of these sites: Mont Lambert, Semnoz, Roc Des Boeufs, Entrevernes, Veyrier, Anglette, Planfait, Col de la Forclaz, or La Grand Bornand. We will spent one day doing CANYONING and WINE Tasting together with flying near Mont Lambert. Possibly we might head Southern France for 3 or 4 days flying at the coastal South of France or Spain.

Day 12: Check out and go home.

XtremeBigAir Xpedition Team Members:
Kinsley Wong is a USHGA rated Advanced Tandem Instructor Pilot and founder of Xtreme Big Air and Big Air Paragliding.  He has traveled extensively around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Hawaii, Costa Rica, China, Swizertland, Mexico, and France.  This is a  FUN, SAFE, and QUALITY action packed xpedition trip of a lifetime in Annecy, the mecca of the Paragliding world.

Antoine Desvallee is a Top Competition - class A and French Tandem rated Pilot with 16 years of paragliding experience in France.  Antoine speaks four different languages: French, English, German, and Italian. Antoine is also the owner of Roc de Chere, a superb Bed & Breakfast about 200 meters from the Landing Zone and Planfait flying site in Annecy Lake.

Roc de Chere, a charming beautiful french bed & breakfast, is convieniently located on the sunny side of Europe's cleanest lake, Lake Annecy, and 200 meters from the Landing Zone of Annecy's famous flying site Planfait flying site with walking distance to Echarvines nature reserve and the beautiful Annecy Lake.  Click here to see a live web cam picture of Annecy Lake and Planfait flying site!   Roc de Chere is an ideal location to stay close to all your flying sites and lake side activies:  hiking, mountain biking, pony riding, sailing, windsurfing, and canyoning! The Guest Room at Roc De Chere with big glass windows to watch pilots flying at Planfait. 
    Hotel Roc de Chere
    74290 Talloires 
This Picture was taken from in front of Roc De Chere's Guest Room, it shows Planfait flying site and landing zone.  How many paraglider pilots can you count here?  Too many.  Believe it or not, this site is so good that you don't even have to worry about flying into each other.  Thermals are so nice and big and they are everywhere here at Planfait.  A big and nice grassy lz for you to land after your five hours or more of thermal flying at Annecy Lake. 
Planfait: 950 m. 
Ridge/Thermal Soaring at Planfait.
Kinsley's view from a nice thermal, looking down to La Grand Bornand, a great flying site north east of Planfait.  From here, off we go Xcountry back to Annecy Lake and land at Roc De Chere, 40 KM away.

Launching site at La Grand Bornand.
Col de La Forclaz: 1180 m, a flying site south of Planfait.  Launching from Col de La Forclaz, you can easily work your way north to Coche Cabane, Tournette: 2350 m , Col Des Frettes and then to Planfait.

Picture above shows Antoine at  Le Brevent's launch of 2525m.  Le Brevent area gives you an open invitation to climb  its slopes to discover its natural wonders, an especially to admire the most extraordinary view over the Mont Blanc.  Le Brevent area is made up of varied scenery: cliffs and ridges, forests and grasslands where many different kinds of animals and flowers are to be found in extreme conditions.  From the summit of Le Brevent, there is a complete panorama view of the Mont Blanc and the Bossons glacier to the south and Diosaz Valley and Mont Buet to the North, to the west there is the Fiz chanin and Aravis and lastly the Aiguille Verte to the East.   A splendid view over the 7 peaks more than 4000 m high, and above all the majestic Mont Blanc! Landing Zone at Chamonix.  A big and grassy field!