KiteXPO Pismo Beach - April 02-04, 2004
Telephone: 805.773.9200

KiteXPO 2004 was a great success with more than 200 people attending the event! The first day of the event, Friday April 02, we had light wind, however fortunately enough to test out those 16M and larger kites. On Saturday, we had no wind however there was plenty of other exciting things to keep everyone happy: Cabrinha's RECON demonstration, Handle Pass simulator, raffle, etc. We gave away more than $2000 of KiteBoarding equipment: Many Thanks to BEST Kiteboarding for the grand prize of a brand new 16M BEST Kite as well as the other vendors: F-One, Cabrinha, Litewave KiteBoarding, Murrays, Kitesurfari, Caution, Slingshot, and Saturday night's F-One/ and's sponsored beach bonfire/BBQ party was also a smashing success.
See you all at KiteXPO 2005.

From Cabrinha's:


April 2-4, Pismo Beach, California.  The Cabrinha Crew descended on Pismo Beach in full force offering demonstrations and clinics to a large group of happy kite riders.  Cabrinha’s focus for 2004 is to bring consumers “Innovations that Matter”.  Following up on their motto, Kevin Delaney, Todd Greaux, and Kent Marinkovic pulled out all the stops to display Cabrinha’s distinct innovations that differentiate Cabrinha products from all others. 

A unique display where by a bungee was attached to the Cabrinha Power Lock Bar helped to show consumers the advantages of this system over older designs.  Additionally, the display made it easy to see just how simple the Recon Safety system functions.  Consumers tested the products until there hearts were content.  Two lucky riders were fortunate enough to win Power Lock bars in the prize raffle.  Tons of Recon T’s were given away and several S. Cal girls were seen cruising the beach with newly acquired Cabrinha Tattoo’s.

Kent Marinkovic took to the beach in winds ranging from 5-9 mph to demonstrate the Recon relaunch on the 17 meter Co2 and the Nitro 14.  He launched the Recon equipped kites over 25 times in the super light wind right on the beach!  Kent also provided inside tips of how to get the most from Recon Equipped kites.  According to Kent, “Recon is not the answer for all of your problems, but it sure takes care of most of them.  Let’s just say for example that you don’t drop your kite, you never mess up, and you don’t like the Power Lock…who cares, just ignore them  and you still have the exact same kite that placed 1st and 2nd overall in PKRA World Tour.” 

So Cal’s Cabrinha Representative, Kevin Delaney was on hand to provide information and lend support to two of Cabrinha’s newest California retailers, Kite Surfari and Solutions.  Both shops were in attendance to provide tons of support and information to consumers.  Kevin set up a hanging “handle pass” simulator on the beach where riders had the opportunity to take clinics from Cabrinha riders on the basics of completing a handle pass.  By the end of the weekend, no less than 7-10 riders were consistently making passes on the bar and were readying themselves for the water.  Sore arms, but happy faces were the norm…Look out S. Cal.!

Saturday night, Pismo Beach:  A big bon fire, The DREAM DVD, gallons of beer, and a dead Pig made for great fun.  75 – 100 kite riders tuned out for the party and were treated to Vari’s new Dream DVD, a great fire, good food and drink.  The Jury’s in, and has decided that Vari’s DVD raises the bar for all other kiteboarding DVD’s.  Riders were placing orders from Kinsley, Kitesurfari, and Solutions for the DVD that will be in shops later this week.  The night ended at around midnight and moved off to parts unknown.      

All in all, not much for wind, but a big thanks go out to Kinsley Wong from for putting on a great show!   The Cabrinha Crew will be back next year. 

Information for Exhibitors or Vendors of the KiteXPO 2004

The largest kiteboarding event of the year is happening soon: April 02 - 04, 2004 and the City of Pismo Beach are pleased to host the KiteXPO 2004:  April 02 - 04. The KiteXPO Event is the ultimate opportunity for you to get leading edge information from industry experts about new technology and techniques. Most importantly, you can see and test all the newest 2004 kites and boards back to back. This is the largest kiteboarding event in California and in the country and is growing bigger every year.  Best of all, it costs NOTHING/$0 to attend this event!!!

Registration is $0 per person! and includes RED BULL drinks, Bonfire and Party on Saturday night 04/03.

XtremeBigAir's KiteXPO 2004 at Pismo Beach is going to be one of the largest kiteboarding events of the year. Last year we had more than 200 attendants from all over California, and as far as Mexico and Canada. Pismo State Beach is BIG! Our beach is miles long without rocks, reef, and urchins. Nothing dangerous. Just plenty of clean ocean water, soft beautiful sand, great wind and waves for your xtreme kiteboarding needs.

This year has brought kite designers, company test riders, pro riders, kiteboard builders, and industry experts to the KiteXPO 2004. All the leading representatives of kiteboarding products will be there and will be showing a whole host of new models and accessories: Jeff Burton of Caution Kites, David Civiello of Sling Shots, David Turner of LiteWave, Shannon Best of Best KiteBoarding, Dimitri Maramenides of Airush, etc.

XtremeBigAir's KiteXPO 2004 will include the traditional dawn till dusk activities, with endless demo kiteboarding actions: informative sessions, special XtremeBigAir Xpression Sessions every hour, demonstrations,  and of course, some beach bonfire-BBQ parties.

Don't forget the Swap Meet on Sunday morning is available for everyone, so bring your used kiteboarding gear to sell or be prepared to get some killer deals from your fellow kiteboarders.

Many Big Thanks to our sponsors who have donated money, drinks, food and as well as over $1000 worth of equipment for this year 2004 Giveaway Raffle contest:

RED Wrist band will be issued to you only after you have signed a waiver and following participation in a site briefing and safety briefing each day at 11:00 AM. 

FRIDAY April 02, 2004
11:00 AM Check-In for all participants and Sign-up for XBA Xpression Sessions.

01:00 PM First XBA Xpression Session
02:00 PM Second XBA XS
03:00 PM Third XBA XS
04:00 PM Fourth XBA XS
05:00 PM Closing Time
06:00 PM DREAM DVD Premier - Cabrinha

SATURDAY April 03, 2004
11:00 AM Check-In for all participants and Sign-up for XBA Xpression Sessions

01:00 PM First XBA Xpression Session
02:00 PM Second XBA XS
03:00 PM Third XBA XS
04:00 PM Fourth XBA XS
05:00 PM Closing Time

06:00 PM 

F-One USA / and 's
Sponsored Beach Bonfire-BBQ-Party on the beach and F-One Goodies Giveaway at end of GRAND Avenue.

Giveaway Raffles: Make sure you have plenty of cash to buy your raffle tickets: $1/each.   For just $1 you can win one of these 2004 kiteboarding equipment.  Many Thanks to our sponsors: Bump&, F-One USA /, KiteSurfari KiteBoarding,,,for donating more than $1000 worth of Kiteboarding equipment like Bump&Jump Impact Shock Absorbers Vest, Bump&Jump Kite Pants, KiteSurfari Kiteboard Bags, VioKite Trainer Kites, XtremeBigAir's Addicted to KiteBoarding Tshirts, etc.

SUNDAY April 04, 2004: SWAP MEET

09:00 AM Swap Meet Open to EVERYONE! -  Bring your kiteboarding gear to sell.
2:00 PM Swap Meet Close

Informative Sessions:
Kinsley Wong: Kitesurfing Stretching Techniques, David Turner: Kiteboard design, etc..     

Pismo State beach (Pismo Beach and Oceano Beach) has miles long of soft sand, no rocks, no reefs, clean water, and uncrowded!

Directions to the KiteXPO 2004 at Pismo Beach:
Click for Driving Direction to Park Avenue - KiteXPO

Traveling south on US Hwy 101 from San Francisco and the Bay Area:

  • Take Hind exit in Pismo Beach.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Hind Ave. - Left on Price St - Right on Ocean View Ave.  Left on Cypress St. Right on Park Avenue to end.

Traveling North on US Hwy 101 from Santa Barbara and the Los Angeles - San Diego Area:

  • Take Price Street exit in Pismo Beach.
  • Left on Ocean View Avenue. Left on Cypress St - Right on Park Ave. to end.
The KiteXPO Pismo is on the beach at end of Park Avenue.


Pismo Beach's Hotels, Motels and RV booking and more: or 800.444.7275

Pismo Beach is half way between San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX), about 3 1/2 hours by car.  You can flly into our small airport: San Luis Obispo (SBP).  Pismo Beach  is on an expansive stretch of peaceful coastline. Discover why this area is known as one of the best secrets of California. Enjoy endless hours of outdoor activities including kiteboarding, paragliding, surfing, kayaking, ATV, Horseback riding, hiking and mt. biking. Lush valleys that produce some of the finest vintages of wines and champagnes in the United States lie within a few minutes drive from Pismo Beach.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Kinsley Wong

PO BOX 3202
Shell Beach, CA 93448-3202
Telephone: 805.773.9200

XtremeBigAir's KiteXPO 2003 was a huge success!  We had more than 200 attendants from all over California and as far as Mexico and Canada. 

A few comments from our visitors:
Aaron Foster:
Hey everyone! I just got back from Kinsley's beach event at Pismo. The
event was a complete success! At one point we counted about 70 cars and
over 100 people attending. Friday was the first day of the event, and
while the weather was beautiful the wind was rather light. Still,
people were out riding 15 to 18 meter kites. The atmosphere was filled
with excitement (thanks to Red Bull no doubt). Saturday the weather
changed as the leading edge from a major Pacific storm was over the
area. Winds became strong from the SW and the surf had increased
dramatically. Despite the challenging conditions, I counted 30 riders
on the water at one point with at least another 30 kites on the beach
ready to go. Several people mentioned that they were glad they were
able to test different kites from different makers because they could
tell how different the kites can be. Boards were also being demoed

Scott Carter:
From:  LA2WNDSRF@a...
Date:  Sun Apr 13, 2003  9:14 pm
Subject:  Re: [ksurf] Shhhh.... Pismo Bch, Calif. Goes OFF !!

Thanks Kinsley for a fun get-together at Oceano Beach Fri/Sat -

Saturday ROCKED !!!

20-25mph winds with a port start into waves off shore with 5-8 ft faces!

Inside the surf/shallow water area was safer or easier.

Large sandy, easy set up and launch area - we'll all stop by their in the
Great bunch of locals too.
Nice hot fire on the beach, lots of beer & food too, afterwards.
Good Job!
Thanks to all the sponsors and you for backing the event!
Now, I'm trying to warm up and get dry after the cold rain storm!
ps-Sell sponsored T-shirts to help you off set the cost next year.

Last Year Team XtremeBigAir: Kinsley Wong, Steve Nyswonger, Nick Geranio, Mark Miller went wildboard hunting.  Chef Master Wong and his assistant Julienne Waters spent the whole day cooking up those decilious shredded BBQ wild boars and Teriyaki Chops. 

Here are the pictures from last year of Team XtremeBigAir's Wild Boar Hunting trip:

Updated March 17, 2004:  Team XtremeBigAir went hunting for wild boars again.  We got couple of those wild boars for our upcoming KiteXPO 2004!!!
Get ready to taste some more of Chef Wong's exotic Shredded BBQ Wild Boar sandwiches!