XtremeBigAir's Team Riders and Team Pilots:

Art de Werk
Art has been kiteboarding since 2003 and recently a P2 paragliding pilot in 2005.  Art's nickname is CHIEF.  He is our biggest and tallest team rider and pilot.  Art's currently ride the Underground FLX 152 and North kites.   Art likes to do Xtreme BigAirs and loves very salty BBQ Turkey legs!  Just look up in the sky when you are kiting at Sherman Island or Oceano Beach  and most likely you will see Art  way up in the sky!

More Pictures of Art here!

Ed Cumming
Ed has been kiteboarding since 2002.  Ed is one of the nicest guy that you find on our local beach who often helps out everyone.  He drove a groovy VW van.  Ed rides Underground FLX 132 and BEST Yarga kites.  Here you see Ed boosting some of the biggest backloop - kiteloop in St. Marteen 2004

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Jamie Thomas
Jamie has been kiteboarding since February 2005 and recently a P2 paragliding pilot in 2005.  Jamie went to Brazil in October 2005 and learned to pull backspin and huge raileys.  Jamie rides Underground FLX 132 and BEST kites.  

More Pictures of Jamie here!

Ken Krall
Ken has been kiteboarding since 2000.  Ken is a "HOT DOG" boosting bigairs and ripping the waves with his FLX 122 or Underground Surfboard no straps 6'2".  Ken is also a "Super Fly Master".  You won't be hungry hanging around with Ken as he can catch all kind of fish with his fly rod.  Ken's nickname is "HOTDOG"

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Kevin Winfield
Kevin has been kiteboarding since 2002.  Kevin rips in the waves and is a master in catching lobsters. Kevin rides Underground FLX 152 and BEST kites.  Kevin likes to ride Waves and does big off-da-lips!  Kevin is also another nicest guy on the beach who often helps out everyone.  Kevin likes to throw big Fish Taco parties at his house.   Kevin, Mario (his son), Shawna (his daughter) are all addicted to kiteboarding!

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Kinsley ThomasWong
Kinsley has been kiteboarding since 1997.  He rides anything and everything!  Kinsley's nickname is "Dr. Wong".

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Patrick Eaves
Patrick is our local "Acro Man".  Patrick goes nuts on his paraglider doing "SATs". 

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Scott Metzger
Scott has been kiting since 1997.  Both Scott and Kinsley started kiteboarding together in 1997.  Today Scott rips on Underground FLX 122 and WindWing kites.  We like to party with Scott, especially in Cabarete :-)
rest in peace my friend June 24, 2013
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Steve Davies
Steve D. has been kiting since 2000.  He is regularly kiting at 3rd Avenue-San Mateo.  Steve D. rides Underground FLX 132 and BEST Kites.  Steve D. also rips on surf, snow, and wakeboard.  Steve D. was Kinsley's personal surfing coach back in their old college days.  Steve D. converted Kinsley from a Tennis Superstar to a Surf Rat.

More Pictures of Steve Davies here!

Steve Nyswonger
Steve N. "the Hunter" has been kiting since 2000.  Steve N. rips on F-One 120 SK8 and BEST kites.  Steve N. does all the latest tricks: kiteloops, handlepasses, and loves riding his skimboard. Steve N. also is a great P2 pilot.

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